Elie Skaff began his career in Beirut at “Thomas Cook & Sons” from 1965 till 1967 in the “shipping department” and then at “Condas International” in the furniture and interior decoration from 67 till 69, date he joined his father George Skaff who was the Sole Agent for major feminine Ready to Wear French, British and Italian brands among which “Dennet Barry”, “Royal Jupe”, “Maix”, “Free Girl” and many others.

George Skaff & Son then started in decorative materials such as textile wallcoverings in jute, silk, straw and other in their offices located in Hamra Street at the “1st National Bank of Chicago” building and then in curtain and upholstery fabrics and wall-to-wall carpets, which took over the ready-to-wear trade.

In 1975, few months after the death of the founder George Skaff, and given the booming economy in Lebanon, Elie proposes to his brother Philip to leave the pharmaceutical domain and join the family business, what he does, and at that time the name changes and becomes “George Skaff & Sons” (son in plural) and together they continued the path already mapped in the decoration materials until 2009 at the split of Skaff institutions and the disassociation of Elie and Philip.

From then on, Elie Skaff, with the help of his sons George & Patrick, travel the world in search of the latest furniture design trends, inspirations and accessories for their new Gallery “Elie Skaff Interiors”.



To satisfy our customers by providing them with all possible concepts and designs adequate to their living, is the mission and purpose of every task.



Success in business requires training, discipline and hard work to attain leadership, which is the capacity to transform vision into reality.